Holla! After disappearing for so long, I'm back here to update my blog. I know this blog looks like an abandoned blog now. I sincerely apologise to all my readers.

So, the last blog I mentioned I'm planning to get married right? Well in fact I'm getting married real soon! 37 days to go. I just cannot believe time flies and I'm becoming someone's wife / daughter-in-law in another 37 more days!!!!

There are tons of things that need to be done in this 37 days. To be more accurate, maybe I should say 34 more days to go. My ROM will be on 12.12.12. Such a nice date right? :) I think mom did the most in the whole wedding preparation process. I can't imagine life without my super mommy queen. Wedding invitation cards are in progress. I decided to make a personalised water bottle for each of my wedding guest. So after designing what I really want, all I have to do is just send it to my super-mom, and she will "gao dim" everything for me. Besides, Ming and I actually planned to invite Chung Hua brass band to perform at our wedding dinner. I want my wedding to be special and unforgettable. As we march into the hall, they will play a wedding song escort us in. At first I was told to pay RM2000 for them to perform on my wedding dinner. Then the price reduced to RM1500. Minimum also RM1000. I don't know whether this price is too expensive or is actually standard price? Please advise!

On the other hand, I know every one had been waiting for our pre-wedding photos. I'm really excited to show to every one but mom and fiancé said "NO". We took our photos in Taiwan. The photos are really nice. We only get to choose 30 photos out of the 250 photos. TOUGH DECISION! I'm pretty sure every bridal company will encourage all couples to choose more photos. I'm not convinced by anyone of them. I wanted to, but I don't want to spend too much money on our wedding photos. 1 photo=RM180. Seriously? RM180 just to add 1 photo? No way!

I'm stressed. But I trying not to. :) Dear Lord Jesus, I need you. #innerpeace

Ok that's all for now. Will be back here to post more updates again. Xoxo~


Ainslie said...

Wow that's so expensive for a photograph!

Fliani said...

Congratulation girl!